Reflection by Tiara Randle ’19

Each day I look in the mirror, confronted with the reality of duality.


As I take in my reflection, I embrace and affirm my brown skin. For it is a beautiful reminder of resilience & love. Yet, I know society does not always see what I see. My skin has been weaponized repeatedly. My skin has been referred to as lazy & unintelligent, consistently. My skin has been made to appear invisible, frequently. And while navigating this duality can be exhausting, I still love me. 


The lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery were stolen. We are now left with their light, which illuminates the path towards justice. These grievances remind us of the inhumanity that existed in slavery, Jim Crow laws, and blatant resistance to treat Black people as people. It is time to remove these malignant toxins, so we, as a nation, can live a long-lasting, healthy existence where harmony is the norm.


As I reflect on my MCLP journey, I am reminded about the importance of servant leadership. This form of leadership has the power to heal hearts and the grace to transform culture; it is needed more than ever. It’s time to initiate those courageous conversations that lead to change. While discomfort may be present, so will restoration. Although we can never erase the painful history of Blacks in America, we can unite to write a new ending – where humanity is the guiding principle.

Tiara Randle is a graduate of the MCLP Class of 2019. She is approaching nine years of service at Heartland Community College as the Assistant Director of TRIO Academic and Retention Services. Tiara’s career has always centered around empowering students. As a lifelong learner, she knows the journey never ends; only new chapters begin.

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