The Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) The Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) is an intense professional leadership development curriculum which provides a framework for current and potential leaders to improve their leadership skills. The core components of the MCLP curriculum are to develop servant leadership skills (enabling others to become capable, wise, and better leaders), to become more self-aware and grow as a leader, to develop authentic relationships, and to foster diversity inclusion (welcoming, engaging, and including diverse perspectives).

MCLP class is composed of  24 – 26 individuals who meet for bi-weekly sessions spread over nine months, July through March every year. Class participants are chosen on the basis of their leadership potential, desire for self-improvement, and dedication to making a positive impact.

MCLP Vision

Leadership that fosters a thriving, inclusive world.

MCLP Mission

 We develop leaders to engage the power of diverse perspectives to improve our world.

  • To prepare skilled, informed individuals for leadership positions in public, private, educational, political and non-profit sectors.
  • To foster leadership diversity through community welfare and civic participation
  • To promote inter-community unity

MCLP’s Approach to Leadership Development

  • Professional Leadership Development
  • Community Involvement – Servant Leadership
  • Mentoring and Networking

MCLP Program Sessions – Leadership Instruction

  • Leadership traits − Influence, Coaching, public speaking, etc.
  • Simulation exercises − Poverty, Friday night at ER, etc.
  • Self discovery − Leadership-360, Myers Briggs, & Strength Finder, etc.
  • Panel discussions− Politics, Education, Executive, etc.
  • Leadership in Life− Crisis, Work-Life Balance, etc.

Who Benefits from MCLP

  • Participants
  • Employers
  • Local non-profits
  • Community at large

Please click on the following link to view our MCLP Brochure.