Leadership Is a Choice: Tejas Jani, ’14

Leadership is a choice. Leadership is a lifestyle. It isn’t a title, it isn’t following a path or a definition that was set out by the corporate world. It is simply the choices you make that set you apart from the crowd when we are in the midst of crisis. It is how you approach a challenging situation and help others through it. 

Bad times bring out the best in people. With most people that is the case. Leaders, passionate leaders, are fueled by the fact that they have the responsibility not only to survive during crisis, but thrive. Others around them are looking at their leaders and how their leaders are reacting to a situation – this sets the tone for the rest. 

Leaders during crisis provide purpose and meaning for people who surround them. While everything is on hold, they provide positive and meaningful work and challenge others to push forward and push through the mental block.

Leaders find a way to help others during a pandemic like what we are going through right now. By helping others no matter how big or small, these acts of kindness promote positive energy in the lives of others. Sometimes, this is all it takes to make a change in someone’s life and allow them to survive. 

Remember, you don’t have to swim across the ocean, sometimes you just have to learn to tread the waters until the help arrives. If you as a leader can teach others how to tread waters and take care of themselves, you will help more than you know!

Stay still, be calm, be patient, be kind, be understanding of what others are going through, be compassionate and share love, just in general, but especially during the crisis. 

Tejas Jani is a Software Developer at State Farm who has recently ventured in to entrepreneurship. He has twenty years of experience in math, business, content creation and non-profit work. As an MCLP alum, Tejas is passionate about leading others to succeed in all of their endeavors.

Image Credit: Anca Cernea, @firderozmarin, @fineacts, #SpringofHope

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