Is Your MCLP Class the #bestclassever?

We all think that our class is the best class ever that went through the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP). But wouldn’t it be nice if we had a way to find out who actually is the best? Well, now we do!

Help us decide the #bestclassever by taking part in a contest this spring. We are pitting you against your fellow classes to determine superiority once and for all. In order to win, all you and your classmates have to do is donate more money than the other classes. All proceeds will go directly to the MCLP Scholarship Fund.

How does one do this? Look for posts on social media (be sure to follow us!), and donate through the MCLP Give page. To donate with your classmates select the BEST CLASS EVER that corresponds with your graduation year in the Donation Designation drop down menu. Be prepared to make some last minute donations at the MCLP graduation event on April 25.

The class that donates the most money will win the title! Winners will be announced before the MCLP graduation ceremony is over.

So get ready, get out your credit card, and be ready to show your class dominance this spring!

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