Alumni Service Award: Michael Wolf, ’13

Alumni Service Award

Michael Wolf, ‘13

Since graduating from MCLP in 2013, Michael Wolf showed himself to be an exemplary servant leader during his time as a member and a former vice president of the Board of Directors. Mike demonstrated solid direction and leadership abilities in his role as MCLP facilitator and in leading the “Impact Measurement” efforts to evaluate MCLP’s continuing influence on our alumni.  

Emily Vigneri ‘13 shared that “as a result of Mike’s warm nature, positive attitude, and deep sense of integrity, I was delighted when I learned that we had both been selected as facilitators of the Class of 2014…I appreciate his way of gently challenging others to think bigger and consider what could be possible.  I have heard many alums share their gratitude with Mike for the impact he has had on their leadership journey.”  

Each year, MCLP class participants are asked to write a 5-word memoir.  Mike elected “so much more than I imagined.”  For him, this was a phrase that certainly rang true to the experience of being a part of the new class, which he described as “a scattershot group of 26 like-minded people who experienced the bumpy converging of their passions, who they really are as people, and how to lead.”  For Mike, MCLP unlocked a new world of opportunities and possibilities.  He reflected, “No longer was my cubicle at work a box to do engineering projects, but a place to explore how to influence and lead.  It was a place to learn together how to build a business, and so much more than I imagined – a phrase that MCLP helped me find and has since redefined my expectations.”  

Mike sends many thanks for this honor, especially to friends, family, the MCLP family – almost 250 strong!, Farnsworth Group, and of course his husband Justin. We are thankful that Mike is a member of our community. 

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