Leadership From the Inside-Out TEDx

Sonya Mau, retired Multicultural Leadership Program Executive Director, shared her thoughts about leadership at TEDxNormal in November 2017. “Leading from the Inside-Out” is her journey from personal leadership development to helping others become better leaders.

TEDx events are locally organized events created in the spirit of TED Talks, (Technology, Education, Design). Prior to the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP), Sonya served in over eight leadership positions from IT to marketing to sales at COUNTRY Financial. She focused what the best leaders did. Upon retirement, she was a perfect fit for the newly formed MCLP. Learn more here.

The 25 members of the ninth class of the MCLP will graduate on April 28, 2018. Watch this website for information on tickets. For those considering applying for the MCLP Class of 2019, applications will open on February 15, 2018. Participants selected for the MCLP CLass of 2019 will meet from late July 2018 through April 2019.

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