MCLP Welcomes New Intern

The Multicultural Leadership Program is partnering with Illinois Wesleyan this fall to host a new intern, Sarah Pila.

Sarah Pila, a writing-editing intern, is majoring in English-Writing at Illinois Wesleyan University, and hails from McHenry, Illinois. Imaginative, ambitious, and hardworking, Sarah is excited to learn from MCLP about what we may do for our community, and how these nonprofit processes develop from within. Growing up with multiple family members who are differently abled, Sarah says, “Something our current world often fails to understand is how diversity strengthens us; it is not a blemish on our community. We are getting to that understanding faster with the aid of non-profits such as MCLP.”

Her initial interest in MCLP came in learning about MCLP poverty simulation, which will be hosted October 26th . She says, “This simulation is a fantastic example of why we should learn about others, and the importance of empathy. Those with lower incomes are often shoved into a chasm that the system doesn’t allow them to escape. Healthcare emergencies and car issues happen to all of us, but those with less money are judged in a way that the privileged are not.”

Sarah is looking forward to creating new relationships, assisting the program this semester, and providing the Multicultural Leadership Program with new, innovative ideas.


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