We sat down with WGLT’s Eric Stock to discuss our new direction, check it out here:


9/1/2020 Pantagraph

MCLP announces new Executive Director and direction for the Class of 2021.


4/30/2019 WJBC

MCLP’s board president, Barbara Taft, and Jeff Crabill, one of MCLP’s facilitators, joined WJBC’s Marc Strauss to talk about upcoming opportunities to apply to MCLP Class of 2020 by May 31, or submit a project proposal by June 15, 2019.

4/1/2019 Pantagraph

Speaker, awards included at MCLP graduation

Announcing MCLP Keynote Phani Aytam, and MCLP Community Leadership Award recipients Len Meyer and Rell Richards.

3/5/2019 Pantagraph

McLean County MCLP class to deliver community service project reports   the public is invited to attend MCLP Class of 2019 final project presentations.

WXRJ 3/3/2019

Tiara Randle, Alag Santhalingam, Swati Khanna, Julia Zuniga Alzamora from the Salvation Army Project Team, MCLP Class of 2019.

“What’s Going On” host Ursula Crooks chats with  team members about their work with the Salvation Army of Bloomington Normal.

WJBC 2/26/2019

Lori Marmion, MCLP Class of 2019

Lori Marmion, MCLP Class of 2019, talks about the Home Sweet Home Ministries Mission Mart project, as well as her MCLP journey.  Stephanie Duquenne, MCLP Class of 2014, spreads the word about MCLP’s 10th graduation on April 13, 2019.

WXRJ 2/24/2019

Vladimir Canterbury Sister Cities Project Team members join WXRJ’s Ursula Crooks to talk about their work on a fundraising plan for this local organization. Pictured from left to right, Beth Bradford, Nayoka Griffis, Court Hruska.

WXRJ 2/17/2019

BreAune Sajna, Karthik Baluswamy, Lori Marmion, Sarah Moravec.

Home Sweet Home Ministries Project team member sit down with WXRJ host Ursula Crooks to talk about their project, which is a feasibility study for the Mission Mart to develop an online auction platform to enhance the fundraising which supports services to local homeless individuals.


WXRJ 2/10/2019

Sharon Ware, Kathy Sawyer, and Marianela Diaz of 261 Fearless project team (not pictured, Tura Dover).

261 Fearless team members Marianela Diaz, Katherine Sawyer, and Sharon Ware talk with Ursula Crooks of WXRJ about their work with 261 Fearless Club of Bloomington-Normal. 

WJBC 1/24/2019

James Angeletti (left) talking with Marc Strauss (right)

MCLP Executive Director Linda Bollivar and Graphic Design Intern James Angeletti, got to sit down with Marc Strauss at WJBC and talk about James’ new position at Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) and upcoming MCLP events:


WGLT 12/3/2018

Linda Bollivar talks with WGLT’s Mary Cullen about the MCLP Class of 2019 project teams.

WJBC 12/3/2018

Swati Khanna and Julia Zuñiga Alzamora visit with WJBC’s Marc Strauss about their Multicultural Leadership Program Class of 2019 project team work for the local Salvation Army.  To learn more about the project work, join us for Dec. 13 Midterm Project Presentations, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. at Illinois Wesleyan University’s Center for Natural Sciences. 

Pantagraph 10/22/2019

MCLP Fundraiser Planned


WJBC 10/16/2018

Angel Terrell, Gabe Cripe, YWCA at WJBC October 2018

Angel Terrell, MCLP Class of 2018 talks with host Marc Strauss about the October 20, 2018 Poverty Simulation. This event is co-sponsored by the McLean County YWCA.  Gabe Cripe of the YWCA was also on hand to share about other upcoming events organized by the YWCA.


WJBC 9/18/2018

Christy Germanis from the YWCA McLean County and Terri Helregel of the Multicultural Leadership Program join host Marc Strauss to talk about the October 20, 2018 Poverty Simulation.


Pantagraph 7/23/2018

MCLP Announces 10th Class

WJBC 6/21/2018

Linda Bollivar and Josie Blumberg with Marc Strauss discuss this year’s facilitators, the kickoff for the Class of 2019, and more!


WJBC 5/18/2018

Linda Bollivar with Marc Strauss on Project Proposals, Participant applications, and more!


WGLT 4/26/2018

Charlene Carruthers and Judy Valente – Charlene’s keynote for MCLP Graduation

MCLP Graduation Speaker Aims to Change Biased Systems

WJBC 4/20/2018

Linda Bollivar and Rachel McKinley with Marc Strauss

Pantagraph 3/26/2018

Multicultural Leadership Program sets graduation program 


WJBC 3/16/2018

Community project team interviews with Marc Strauss

Alexis Wolstein, Lucas Hellmer, Crystal Bricker, Julie Emig
  • University of Illinois Extension / Town of Normal Refuge Food Forrest – Alexis Wolstein, Lucas Hellmer
  • Bloomington Public Library – Julie Emig, Crystal Bricker

WJBC 2/16/2018

Community project team interviews with Marc Strauss

Terrence Smith, Emory Davis, Shrima Karthik, Chad Fisher, Angel Terrell.
  • Western Avenue Community Center Project Team represented by Terrence Smith and Shrima Karthik.
  • Heartland Head Start Project Team represented by Angel Terrell and Chad Fisher.

WJBC 1/30/2018

Troy Clark, Raegan Rinchiuso, Karyl Carlson, Beth Marsh, Anitha Jayaram.

Community project team interviews with Marc Strauss

  • Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation Project Team represented by Raegan Rinchiuso and Karyl Carlson

Pantagraph 1/28/2018

Board Networking Fair

WJBC 1/19/2018

Linda Bollivar with Marc Strauss

Pantagraph 11/29/2017

Midterm Project Reports

WJBC 11/29/2017

Linda Bollivar with Greg Halbleib

Pantagraph 10/29/2017

Bloomington Public Library Team Door-to-Door Campaign

WJBC 10/20/2017

Linda Bollivar with Marc Strauss

Pantagraph 10/8/2017

Poverty Simulation planned

WJBC 9/11/2017

Linda Bollivar with Marc Strauss

WJBC 8/18/2017

Linda Bollivar with Greg Halbleib

Pantagraph 7/19/2017

Alumni Volunteer Leadership Awards

Pantagraph 7/5/2017

Announcing the Class of 2018


MCLP graduation photos

Pantagraph 4/17/2017

Ferguson consultant to speak at MCLP graduation

Pantagraph 3/10/2017

MCLP takes nominations for awards