Class of 2018 Instructors & Presenters

Name Session Company More info:
Lori Adams Leadership Presence Illinois State University Theatre Profile
Sandy Bentley Greatness I See in You COUNTRY Financial, retired / Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
Heather Butler Taylor Diversity Inclusion HBTaylor Associates HBTaylor Associates Facebook
Gina Defa Work Life Balance COUNTRY Financial  Profile
Connie DeVeer Leadership Presence Illinois State University Theatre Profile
Stephanie Duquenne Media Interviews Illinois State University Profile
Sonya Gong Jent Systems Thinking State Farm, Retired  Profile
Dennis Goodwin Friday Night in the ER / Myers Briggs Type Inventory COUNTRY Financial  Profile
Diana Hauman Leadership in Change / Values Independent Consultant
Erin Jensen Team 360 Facilitator Hile Group  Hile Group
Michael Jensen Team 360 Facilitator State Farm  Profile
Annnette Martinez Leadership Courage State Farm  
Rick Owens Name that Leader / Teamwork / Coaching Independent Consultant / State Farm Retired
Bill Reidy Crucial Conversations State Farm  
Kari Sandhaas Servant Leadership COUNTRY Financial  Profile
Christina Schulz Transformational Leadership / Team 360 Facilitator Hile Group
Emilie Shoop Emotional Intelligence Shoop
Janine Toth Presentation Pointers / Team 360 Facilitator Independent Consultant, retired  
Julia Turner Strengths Finder CTS Partners, Inc.
Michael Wolf Team 360 Facilitator Farnsworth Group  
Sharon Wooten Crucial Conversations State Farm