Seeking Nonprofit Project Proposals

Class of 2018 participants working on the Food Forest project included Cecilia Ruffin, Patricia Valente, Barbara Little, Lucas Hellmer and Alexis Wollstein.

Are you a McLean County nonprofit with a great idea for a project but not enough time? Maybe you just need a fresh perspective?  Submit a proposal for an MCLP Class of 2019 community project.

Each year MCLP offers local non-profits the opportunity to have a project completed by a group of leaders from McLean County. The teams bring diverse perspectives to ensure the project serves an unmet need within the community, bringing new resources to McLean county while promoting the work the non-profit does.

Applications are now being accepted!

Five projects are selected each year, and the dedicated teams will work on them from September 2018 through March 2019. The deadline for submissions is June 18, 2018 at noon. Past community projects and the submission form can be found on the projects page.

Find the project application here.

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