Igniting Change: Uniting to Challenge Systems of Oppression

by Grace McGovern

Enlightenment, education and meaningful conversations are key factors to igniting change. For the Illinois State University Culturally Responsive Campus Community (CRCC) Task Force, it is their main mission to create a just and equal campus environment for students, staff, and faculty. That is why the CRCC will be presenting their 2016 Conference Uniting to Challenge Systems of Oppression, from October 24-25 in the Bone Student Center. The aim of this conference is to bring the community together to have difficult conversations that will, in the end, help all participants to become more culturally responsive. Main topics will include themes around marginalized groups, racism, sexism, ableism, LGBTQ issues, privilege and oppression. In addition, the keynote speaker will be Dr. Christine Sleeter, author of the recently published book, White Bread. The conference is free, although registration is required. You can find more information at CRCC.IllinoisState.edu, or email CRCC for more details at CRCC@ilstu.edu

One of the most crucial aspects of good leadership is understanding and appreciating diversity, and enlightening yourself to such issues is the best way to do this. We at MCLP encourage you to attend and help create an equal and just environment in our community and beyond.