Community Organizations invited to MCLP Board Networking Fair 2015

We are currently inviting local non-profit organizations to participate in the Multicultural Leadership Program Board Networking Fair on Saturday, February 14th from 11:45-12:45 pm at the COUNTRY Financial IAA Building in Bloomington.

How will your organization benefit from the fair?

Strong, competent leadership is critical to any organization’s success. MCLP offers an opportunity to strengthen your organization with diverse leaders who are passionate and ready to serve.

During the fair, you will speak one-on-one with up to 15 participants from this year’s MCLP class. The fair is designed to help you meet and begin conversation with individual class members — to explore and consider extending future board membership and committee leadership positions.

(Please note that this is not a volunteer recruitment event, but rather an opportunity for you to meet potential board members and future leaders.)

How do you apply?

If your organization is interested to attend the MCLP Board Networking Fair, please complete and submit our online profile form no later than January 22, 2015. The MCLP Community Involvement committee will review your application and inform you if a space is available at the fair.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to involve new leaders in your organization!

Questions? Please contact Pollyanna Spears at 309-556-3589 or


MCLP Advisory  Council member and  instructor, Annette Martinez  discusses the  value of  MCLP’s  Community  Projects.