Alumni: Please join the Alumni Circle of Support to help sustain future MCLP programming

Alumni: MCLP needs you!

Help MCLP sustain its quality and future growth by contributing to the MCLP Alumni Circle of Support Fund.

This fund offers alumni the chance to support MCLP as it grows into a leading leadership development organization in much the same way MCLP  supports the growth of each participant through the program.

At this time,  MCLP needs to complete its transition to the new office location at Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU). While IWU generously provides us with a rent-free facility, the space needs furniture, paint, and other basic necessities to create a professional work environment. For more details, please see MCLP’s list of needs.

Pictured are the ceiling and walls of the Alumni Room, which are in dire need of new paint!
Pictured are the ceiling and walls of the Alumni Room, which are in dire need of new paint!

Your donations to the Alumni Circle of Support Fund will help MCLP with our new office and invest in MCLP’s future.

Alumni Contest Update:

Deadline for alumni class donations has been extended to March 7th.

Why?  Sonya Mau and Phani Aytam have “reluctantly” agreed to take the ice-bucket challenge on the following terms:

– If each class donates $1,000 by March 7th, Sonya will do the ice-bucket challenge.

– If each class donates $2,000 by March 7th, Phani will also take the ice-bucket challenge.
   “Let’s go big!”  says Sonya Mau.  “I don’t want to take this challenge alone!

Pledges will be accepted through March 7, 2015  and  must be paid by December 31, 2015.  Alumni may also invite their friends, family, and mentors to support MCLP. This can ensure that both Sonya and Phani will take the ice-bucket challenge!

On March 7th MCLP will announce the winning alumni class with the largest total donations toward this cause.  In early summer, MCLP will host an open house and recognize this class with an award plaque to be displayed in the office in perpetuity.

Please consider joining the Alumni Circle of Support and  help MCLP continue to be a unique, high quality incubator of diverse servant leaders! Donate now.

Alumni Circle of Support Representatives:

2010: Macaria Lopez
2011: Cavell Walcott
2012: Gina Defa
2013: Christa Staley
2014: Stephanie Duquenne