MCLP Prepares for Midterm Presentations

“True leadership emerges from those whose primary motivation is a deep desire to help others,” states Robert Greenleaf, author of The Servant Leader Within. MCLP participants are no strangers to community service, as it is a hallmark of their MCLP experience. Not only do participants learn more about themselves and develop human relations skills, but they focus their efforts on how best to serve the community. The Class of 2015 is in the midst of working with five local non-profit agencies in a multitude of capacities ranging from health care to outer space.

On Saturday, December 6, 2014 the public is welcomed to attend the midterm presentations to hear about these exciting projects and their status to date. MCLP teams will be ready to share with the community what their project entails, what steps they have taken thus far, and their overall project goals. The midterm presentations will take place at the Parke Regency Hotel and Conference Center (1413 Leslie Drive in Bloomington) from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.

The five non-profit organizations and projects include:

  • Community Health Care Clinic
    Study the feasibility of a dental clinic and create a five-year budget program.
  • Immanuel Health Care
    Raise name recognition.
  • Meadows at Mercy Creek
    Support staff development to enhance skills and better serve residents.
  • Prairie Pride Coalition
    Redefine goals and outreach efforts.
  • Challenger Learning Center
    Enhance fundraising to support area schools.

These projects serve to enhance the organizations’ visibility in the community and improve the effectiveness of a key cog in their business operations. Success in these initiatives requires MCLP participants to engage individuals and resources within their community in new ways and to practice teamwork skills.

Since 2009, MCLP participants have partnered with four to five local non-profit organizations each year to address specific community needs identified by those organizations. MCLP participants will continue their work with these non-profit initiatives until the end of their class term in April 2015.

The December 6th midterm presentations will be followed by an information session for non-profits interested in learning about how to submit a proposal for the Class of 2016. To learn more about the MCLP midterm presentations, please contact Diana Hauman at (309) 838-1320 or