From Health Care to Outer Space

MCLP supports five new community service projects.

Community service is a hallmark of the MCLP experience. Not only do participants learn more about themselves and develop human relations skills, they also work in small groups to benefit the community.

The MCLP Class of 2015 will tackle five new community projects, ranging literally from health care to outer space.

Health care related efforts include programs with the Community Health Care Clinic, Immanuel Health Center, and Meadows at Mercy Creek. Community engagement programs are planned with the Prairie Pride Coalition and the Challenger Learning Center.

A feasibility study on dental care and a five-year budget program will be the focus of the Community Health Care Clinic project. Immanuel Health Center is a recent west-side start-up effort, so the MCLP will work to help the center raise its name recognition. And at the Meadows, the project team will research staff development designed to enhance skills and better serve residents.

Prairie Pride Coalition, which serves the GLBT community, is aiming to redefine its goals and outreach efforts, as their role has changed over the years. Challenger Learning Center offers a team-building program for area schools, based on a space exploration role-play. Challenger is seeking assistance on fundraising to subsidize continued school visitation.

These projects serve to enhance the community visibility and effectiveness of the organizations. At the same time, they introduce MCLP participants to the wider community and boost their teamwork skills. The MCLP Community Involvement Committee, headed by Diana Hauman, selects each year’s projects from numerous applications.

“These community projects are a hallmark of the MCLP experience,” said MCLP executive director Sonya Mau. “It is one thing to talk about outreach and community involvement; it is another to do it. By grappling with the challenges these community groups face, MCLP participants learn to apply their talents, resources, and connections to enhance the quality of life in McLean County.”

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