Name Session(s) Company For more information
Sandy Bentley The Greatness I See In You (July) COUNTRY Financial, retired / Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
Rick Owens Leadership (July), Teamwork (September), Coaching (January) Independent Consultant / State Farm Retired
Dennis Goodwin Friday Night in the ER, Myers Briggs Type Inventory COUNTRY Financial
Julia Turner Strengths Finder CTS Partners, Inc.
Kari Sandhaas Servant Leadership COUNTRY Financial
Emilie Shoop Emotional Intelligence Shoop
Sharon Wooten Crucial Conversations State Farm
Bill Reidy Crucial Conversations State Farm
Annette Martinez Leadership Courage State Farm
Diana Hauman Leadership in Change/ Values Independent Consultant
Connie DeVeer Leadership Presence Illinois State University Theatre profile
Lori Adams Leadership Presence Illinois State University Theatre profile
Heather Butler Taylor Diversity Inclusion HBTaylor Associates



Nonprofit Leadership Moderator Judith Valente WGLT
Panelist Dontae Latson YWCA McLean County
Panelist Gail Kear Life-CIL
Panelist Anne Taylor marcfirst
Panelist Mary Ann Pullin Home Sweet Home Ministries
Leadership in Healthcare Moderator Jay Verner Allstate
Panelist Tony Coletta Advocate Bromenn Healthcare
Panelist Deborah S. Smith, DNP OSF St. Joseph
Panelist Angie McLaughlin Community Health Care Clinic
Panelist Barb Nathan Westminster Village
Public/Private Partnerships Moderator



  • Alicia McKeighan ’16, Afni
  • Bev Hornickel, Community Leader
  • Callie Cummings ’16, University of Illinois Extension
  • Carlos T. Miranda ’13, Integrity Technology Solutions
  • Carol Hreha, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.
  • David Burch, Sugar Creek Community Church
  • Diana Hauman, Bloomington City Council
  • Jerin Thomas ’14, COUNTRY
  • Julie Beer ’16, Connect Transit
  • Katie Pratt ’16, Illinois State University
  • Kristen Grimes, Illinois State University