MCLP Goes Virtual

To say things are a little different this year is the understatement of 2020. Like many other organizations, MCLP had to re-imagine its programming. This year’s participants won’t gather in person, at least for the foreseeable future. Instead, the Class of 2021 has embraced e-learning via Zoom.

Though the format is different, the heart of the program remains. The class comes together twice a month for scheduled Learning Events. Each of which is packed with powerful presentations, inspirational stories, and lots of breakout room discussions. Focusing on COVID-19 relief and racial justice, this year’s class has hit the ground running towards meaningful change.

Thus far the class has…

  • covered the principles of servant leadership with Phani
  • conducted “The Greatness I See In You” with Sandy Bentley
  • gained a better understanding of their MBTI scores from Tony Torres
  • learned how to leverage their StrengthFinder results with Christina Schulz
  • discussed teamwork with Rick Owens
  • met with their project teams to begin working on their projects

Tony Torres spent time with the class on September 12th. He has presented to many MCLP classes over the years. Torres had this to say about the experience: “Despite not being in-person – which I certainly prefer – the Class of 2021 engaged with a high-level of energy! And as a facilitator, that means a lot to me and matters most for learning and growing.” Torres will return in mid-October to discuss Emotional Intelligence.

The class of 2021 consists of 25 unique individuals, representing a variety of local organizations. They are Jill Benson, Vivian Doctora, Ruben Estrada, Christina Evans, Christy Germanis, Alpheaus Johnson, Hannah Johnson, Kara Kirk, Kelsie Langheim, Valerie Langston, Emily Nafziger, Amanda Papinchock, Brittany Perkins, Donnelle Pressburger, Linda Randle, Tony Reis, Sim Sandu, Madhesh Singaravelu, Jesse Slater, Mariaton Tate, Harsh Thakkar, Jenni Thome, Ben Wright, and Desiray Yeaw.

We’ve been spotlighting the Class of 2021 on our Facebook page, check it out!

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