Finding my true self – Tereva Parham ’13

In 2012, Tereva Parham knew that it was time for her to invest in her personal and professional development with a focus on leadership in a way that was educational, challenging, and would allow her to better serve those around her. After deciding that MCLP was the right program and one that her employer provided participation sponsorship, she asked for her supervisor’s approval. Her supervisor said no because Tereva wasn’t in the company’s leadership.

No approval, no tuition funding, no leadership class.

But this did not stop Tereva. With determination, she applied anyway, was accepted and received a partial scholarship. Thus, Tereva embarked on her MCLP journey! She was able to identify her values, received mentoring for professional growth, and deeply connected with the principles of servant-leadership.

As she moved through the MCLP curriculum, she was able to:

  1. Articulate who she was
  2. Identify opportunities to cater to her strengths
  3. Cultivate servant-leadership skills to advance in all aspects of her life

Tereva called it “finding my true self and building my self-confidence to courageously take action.”

And TAKE ACTION she did!

After graduating from MCLP, Tereva obtained a leadership position in a community organization and developed a productive, award-winning team. Concurrently, she set her sight on her larger dream of establishing a formal career in communications and media, and pursued her Masters in Communication.

After receiving her graduate degree, Tereva fulfilled her decade-long dream of moving to Nashville, TN.

There, Tereva immediately began freelancing as a communications consultant which landed her opportunities as a publicist, brand ambassador, editor, voice-over artist, and music industry executive assistant. She even appeared as an extra in the hit television show, Nashville.

Tereva is now the Communications and Special Projects Manager for Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi. She is responsible for engaging, educating, and empowering audiences in relation to the organization’s high-quality and nonjudgmental health care and services. This is accomplished through media, website, and social media management, and community partnerships. Her network of highly-effective people grows. She partners with organizations focused on making their communities better – stronger, happier, wiser, more compassionate.

AND, it was made possible through a scholarship to MCLP.

Please consider donating to the MCLP scholarship fund so more people like Tereva can realize their best selves, potential, and their dreams…and through their lives inspire others to make this world a better place.

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