Our Graduates Are Our Legacy

In the words of three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Unser, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Every MCLP graduate has made the conscious decision to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the program — to better prepare themselves as diverse leaders in the community. They recognized the benefits of immersing themselves into an intense 8-month program. Through MCLP they developed skills in self and community awareness, leadership, community service, and servant leadership.

Class participants may havewondered how they would complete such an in-depth program, yet the extra effort paid off. MCLP was a one-of-a-kind experience for Class of 2013 Alum, Missy Thomas. “Looking back, I have to say that the networking opportunities within the community, education and awareness regarding leaders here in McLean County, interaction and inspirational stories of my classmates were all worth the journey,” she said.

Legacyis a gift left to another. Each class contributes to MCLP’s mission: developing diverse leaders. MCLP’s graduates “pay it forward” with their selfless spirits — aiding the community, their employers, and their friends and family. The talents that MCLP helped hone continue to reap both personal and community rewards.

Among the best advice MCLP participants say they have received is to take the time to enjoy and make the most of theirpersonal journey. Christa Staley, another Class of 2013 Alum, summed it up perfectly; “It was really like I blinked and we were at graduation. I learned much, laughed often, and life lessons were bestowed on me plentifully, in ways I’d have never been able to even imagine in my wildest dreams. The people, the memories, the knowledge, and the experiences are far more, better, and really amazing in ways no one will ever know until they, too, are alum of MCLP!”