5 Years Strong and Growing

Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) is maturing and cultivating even more leaders. The public was invited to welcome and congratulate participants at a public reception for the class held 4pm – 5pm, July 25, 2013 at Heartland Community College’s Astroth Community Education Center Atrium.

Attending orientation night ignited reflection on previous orientations. Everyone radiated enthusiasm for what is to come for another year of MCLP and for the current class. According to calculations relayed by MCLP’s founder, Phani Aytam, the program receivesmore than 8,000 volunteer hours each year to support the MCLP class. The circle of support was clearly visible as participants were surrounded by family, managers, mentors, friends, MCLP Staff and volunteers, and, of course, their new classmates. Class members could see that they will not be alone in their respective journeys.

Participants for this year’s class are: Ajay Kalavala, Alyssa Bisanz, Bobbi Hynes, Cheryl Hussain, Dakesa Pina, Dipti Hattangady, Emmanuel Calmes, Lola Thomas-Albright, Ivan Hall, Jeffrey Hreha, Jerin Thomas, Joy Born, Julie Navickas, Kiranmayi Konam, Kristin Manzi, Lauren Eckhardt, Linda Bollivar, Phyllis Glover-Webster, Sateesh Nallamothu, Seena Bhende, Sheena Bedi, Stephanie Duquenne, Tammy Vancil, Tara Brown, Tejas Jani, and Tim Beccue.

To see the faces of the Class of 2014 please visithttp://public.bn-mclp.org/class-of-2014/

Facilitators for the Class of 2014 are Michael Wolf and Emily Vigneri, both alumni of the Class of 2013.  History has already been made in MCLP’s 5th year. With 26 participants, the Class of 2014 is the largest class ever. Throughout the year additional information will be publicized about the celebrations to commemorate MCLP’s 5-year milestone.