Class of 2013 participants share community projects results

Since 2010, each Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) class puts “servant leadership” into action by partnering with local non-profit organizations on community projects addressing specific local needs.

This year’s five MCLP teams will present the results of their eight-month efforts at a public presentation on Saturday, March 9, 8:00-10:45 am at Heartland Community College, Astroth Auditorium in Normal.

The five non-profits and their projects developed by MCLP teams are:

This event will be followed by a non-profit community projects meeting for local organizations interested in applying for a project with the Class of 2014 will be held 11:00 to Noon in Room 2102 of the same  building. For an RFP and additional information regarding project efforts, see Community Projects.

These March 9th events provide non-profit organizations, program sponsors, employers, and the general public the chance to learn about the opportunities MCLP offers through its annual program.

MCLP promotes community service as a fundamental responsibility and competency for leaders. Serving a local non-profit is one of the core activities for MCLP program participants.

Organizations interested in partnering with MCLP for a future community project should contact MCLP Executive Director, Sonya Mau at 309-438-3417 or