Two panels of experts advise MCLP class

A discussion about the benefits of public-private partnerships will kick off a full day of sessions on Dec. 10 for the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP). In the afternoon, the MCLP class will learn what it’s like to lead non-profit organizations.

The public-private partnership panelists will be:
David Hales, Bloomington City Manager
Dan Irvin, Director Corporate Communications at Mitsubishi Motors
Mark Peterson, Town of Normal City Manager
Marty Vanags, Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Development Council
Ed Woods, Director of State Farm Bank
Moderator Jay Verner, Public Affairs Manager at COUNTRY Financial, will guide a discussion about the value and benefits of public and private entities working together.

Panelists discussing the roles of non-profit leaders and the challenges of their business will be:
Jane Chamberlain, President and Chief Executive Officer of the McLean County YWCA
Myra Gordon, Executive Director of Illinois Prairie Community Foundation
Lyn Hruska, Executive Director of Heartland Red Cross
Dale Strassheim, President and CEO of the Baby Fold
Bruce Bergethon, General Manager of WGLT, will serve as moderator for the non-profit panel discussion.

This Dec. 10 MCLP learning event is one of 16 that participants in the 2012 MCLP class attend during the eight-month program. Each event includes sessions designed to increase participant’s self-knowledge, expand their connections with people of diverse backgrounds and expertise, and enhance their own leadership skills.

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