Good leaders have both

Using influence and effective communication are key components of leadership.  Participants in the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) will learn how to improve both during their Nov. 17 session.

Shirley Stelbrink, owner of Learning Alliances Company, LLC inClinton, will lead the class in a discussion of the nature of leadership, influencing and persuasion.  Participants will create a plan to increase their ability to positively influence others.

Following, MCLP participants will learn tips and techniques for enhancing any message and ensuring it is understood.  Instructors are Lori Adams, head of the undergraduate acting program at Illinois State University, and Maria Henneberry, former television journalist and co-owner of Contemporary Visuals, Bloomington.

This session is one of 16 that participants in the 2012 MCLP class will attend during the eight-month program.  Each session is designed to increase participant’s knowledge, expand their connections with people of diverse backgrounds, and enhance their leadership skills.

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